SLC Blackbird Power 607

AAR Ten X 7008 SA x Gambles Hot Rod

SLC Blackbird Power 804

Gambles Hot Rod x KG Power Design

SLC Blackbird Power 607 is the $90,000 valued 1/2 interest selection of McWherter Farms in our 2018 sale. She is truly a unique breeding piece with a $B of  221.75 and all the phenotype you could ask for!


Blackstone Objective 5041

Vision Unanimous x (0J07) SS Objective T510 0T26

DRMCTR 1I1 Rita 6108 - Grandam

DRMCTR 1i1 Rita 6108 is THE legendary breed leader for growth and $Beef and has produced over $3 million in progeny sales to date.

She is the Grandam to these three tremendous donors!

Three Trees Rita D0260

Quaker Hill Rampage x (0546)GAR New Design 5050

SLC Rita 702

VAR Generation x (9J86) SS Objective T510 0T26

SLC 0J07 Rita 708

Quaker Hill Rampage x (0J07) SS Objective T510 0T26

Montana Lucy C004

WR Journey-1X74 x Hoover Dam

Crazy K Lucy V105 - Dam

FWY Lucy 5035

EXAR Denver 2002B x Connealy Consensus 7229

2 Bar Mile High 9360 - Dam

SLC Fanny 6487

VAR Discovery x (9360) Riverbend Mile High 3718

EXAR Henrietta Pride 5696

AAR Ten X 7008 SA x Connealy Consensus 7229


CAM-OAF Ten X A3022

AAR Ten X SA x CRA Bextor 872 5205 608

J/R Queen of New Design 356H - Dam

FF Rita 5X66 of 356H Ten X

AAR Ten X 7008 SA x Summitcrest Complete 1P55

Riverbend Lucy C696

Sitz Top Game 561X x SS Objective 0T510 0T26

Riverbend Lucy C696

Sitz Top Game 561X x SS Objective 0T510 0T26

Rita 2811 of 2536 BVND 878 - Grandam

Deer Valley Blackcap 61142

WR Journey 1X74 x Connealy Consensus 7229